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ANALYSEIn broad terms, risk analysis is the process of gathering and synthesizing data and information in order to gain a better understanding of how risks will affect a project, an organisation, a country or a whole region. Risks may be of political, security, financial or economical nature. In our globalised and complex world, those risks are increasingly intertwined.

MACRO-LEVELMacro-level risk analysis means looking at the bigger picture. This type of analysis is often found in country-level risk reports which usually cover non-specific, nationwide threats that affect the entire population of a specific country. As local, national, and regional events often intersect we make sure to factor these dynamics into our analysis.

PRIORITISERisk analysis is the basis for any meaningful risk management strategy. Threats and vulnerabilities need to be identified and prioritised in order to develop appropriate countermeasures. Ideally this happens within a systemic feedback loop. Our holistic approach to risk consulting means we conduct risk analysis on the macro- and micro-level.

MICRO-LEVELMicro-level risk analysis is more focused and usually covers a specific threat or risk associated with a project, a business venture or an investment. This type of analysis is complementary to our macro-level risk analysis. Simply put, we will take a close look at any threats that may affect your project, business or organisation.

criton group risk intelligence


UNKNOWNSConstant risk and uncertainty are the price of an increasingly globalised world. The rise of Asia is a case point. While rich with opportunity, outsiders frequently face a variety of unknowns, which may affect each organisation in a different way. Smart and efficient risk intelligence effectively alters the way organisations or businesses deal with these factors.

STRATEGISEAny organisation which plans to operate or do business in Asia will face unforeseen challenges. It is those who invest into risk intelligence that will prevail. The ability to continually monitor and analyse political and security risks as well as markets, players and competitors is the foundation for any solid business strategy or operation.

SERVICESCRITON GROUP offers a wide range of tailored risk intelligence services. Risk analysis is the component that deals with the how and the why of any crisis. Real-time incident updates and crisis monitoring will help you stay on top in any developing situation. Investigations and due diligence will help you understand who you are dealing or doing business with.

INTELLIGENCEOur concept of risk intelligence is not only about reacting to external factors or events. We want organisations to learn from their experience and be able to predict certain outcomes. Risk intelligence becomes a real game-changer once you already have strategies in place to deal with any contingencies before they arise.

criton group risk intelligence


KNOWLEDGECRITON GROUP is your premier source for multi-language social media monitoring services in Asia. Our analysts are digital natives who have grown up in this region. They know about the exponential growth and the increasing importance of social networks because they have been active users on these platforms from the start.

RISKSSocial media offer great insights into emerging markets such as China or Vietnam. Yet we are only beginning to understand the risks associated with the growing use of social media in Asia. This dynamic also affects political actors, security services or NGOs as social media are increasingly shaping conflicts, as the #UmbrellaRevolution in Hong Kong has shown quite clearly.

LANGUAGESWe believe efficient social media monitoring is not a question about the right keyword set, but of local language capabilities. Political and security risks are rarely communicated openly, and not necessarily in English. Whether Mandarin, Thai, or Burmese – our analysts are well versed in several languages and local dialects to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

SPEEDWe monitor trending topics, opinions, influencers, critics and other players that may affect your business or operations. Our tracking capabilities, analytics and response tools are all geared towards integration into your decision-making process. The immediacy of social media often calls for a fast response. We want you to be able to act to the latest developments in an instant.

criton group crisis mapping


DATACrisis mapping is a process of gathering, displaying and analysing data in real-time during a crisis, such as a natural disaster or social, political or violent conflicts. A steady stream of solid, fact-based data is the foundation for the work of any crisis mapper. Usually the data comes from various sources and can be visualized in different, and often interactive ways.

AWARENESSCrisis mapping offers several benefits. Due to its public nature it allows for a large numbers of participants and is not limited to official crisis responders. Information may either be added remotely or from the site of the crisis, which broadens the scope of available information. This turns crisis mapping into a powerful tool to increase situational awareness.

TOOLSEnabled by the rise of modern online-based media, crisis mapping has emerged as a new method for synthesising, understanding and using location information. Mobile and web-based applications, online maps and crowdsourced data as well as aerial and satellite imagery all play a decisive role when it comes visualising spatial information.

RESPONDIn the near future, we will engage in various crisis mapping projects. The crisis in Kachin state and the ongoing displacement of the ethnic group of Rohingya in Myanmar have not been comprehensively mapped yet. While CRITON GROUP will take the lead on those projects, we hope that more crisis mappers will join us in this endeavor.

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