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MISSIONIn a world shaped by instability and uncertainty, our mission is to help you understand and successfully navigate risks. We gather and process on-the-ground intelligence in fast-changing, challenging markets and environments. The focus of our risk consulting is on the Asian subcontinent, where we cover regions such as Afghanistan, India, Myanmar, Vietnam and China.

SOLUTIONSCRITON GROUP is your partner for tailored risk intelligence, risk analysis, crisis monitoring, crisis mapping, real-time incident updates, geopolitical diary, investigations, due diligence, cyber security and technical counter-surveillance measures (TCSM). We are the industry leader in multi-language social media monitoring which enables us to deliver ethnic, civil and political unrest threat and risk assessments in real-time.

VALUESIntegrity and precision are our core tenets. We believe in a holistic approach to help you meet your challenges and stay on top in highly fluid situations. German quality and Asian dynamism are the Yin and Yang of our organisation. We care about your safety: to that end we strictly apply confidentiality and information security protocols at every level of our organisation.

CLIENTSAs your partner we will work closely with you to overcome security challenges and capitalise on geopolitical risks. We offer our services to multi-national companies (MNCs), small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) who are looking to expand their operations or business in Central, East and South-East Asia, financial institutions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who operate in volatile and high risk areas.

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LEADERSHIPCRITON GROUP was founded by Sebastian Bausch and Simon Klingert to build upon their experience in journalism and the risk consulting industry. Our executives share solid academic backgrounds and leverage strong leadership skills gleaned from years of work in war zones and the risk advisory sector. We believe leading people to success means leading from the front. Wherever you go – we will blaze the trail.

ANALYSTSWhen it comes to risk consulting, failure is not an option. The safety and success of our clients always comes first. This principle is what motivates our team of dedicated analysts – they want you to overcome risks and succeed. CRITON GROUP analysts have diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Our staff include trained political scientists as well as employees with business or engineering degrees. What they share is their strong dedication to make you safer, every day.

TEAMOur most valuable resource are the knowledge and analytic skills of the people who work for us. We want our clients to embrace risks – and we demand the same from our employees. This is why we place a premium on employing professionals who have real-world experience in high-risk environments. Their expertise, combined with the academic rigour of our risk analysis is what makes us a strong and reliable partner.

NETWORKAt the core of our intelligence-gathering operations is a dedicated network of native individuals scattered throughout the greater Asia region. We don’t just compile open-source news for our reports – we have our own on-the-ground sources that offer their knowledge exclusively to us. These sources scour social media networks that are popular with locals for relevant information. These insights are what sets us apart from our competitors.

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